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Originally Posted by Rama View Post
Don't know your age, but retirement and avoiding taxes may become more important as that gets closer.
The fund is a good way to go for some of it, but more than likely taxes will go up in the future and a strategy to avoid paying more than you really have to is worth considering.
Or as have been told many times "Seek professional help."
I personally regard professional financial advisers sort of like Socialism. I think it’s a terrible system, but for those who only know how to make bad decisions, Socialism really is to their advantage. They really aren’t ever going to get to their full potential, but H€||, they weren’t going to get there anyway.

i,ve got a buddy that has lost SEVERAL fortunes in the stock market because - as he admits himself - he really can’t distinguish investing from gambling ( and he can’t stop himself from drawing for an inside straight). So yeah, he actually NEEDS to pony up the 2% off the top that most good financial advisors charge, and because of that his investments will lag mine by 2%. That’s no big deal, until you compound it for ten or twenty years...

But at least he won’t have blown it all on Bolivian tin futures.
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