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Default What are my chances?

Failed my check ride 5 times now
4 on private (yeah i know thats unheard of but it happened, 3 with same DPE and 4th with another)
passed instrument and commercial on first try
just failed my CFI-A on the flight portion

If I have a clean record from here on out including CFII, MEL and get myself to 135 operator and build my time, would I have a chance to make it to the regionals and major airlines?
I do have a bachelors degree in engineering and served in the Navy as an officer as well
I've been hearing from people that private check ride doesn't really matter and also CFI-A (because of the 80% fail rate)
but with that being said, I think 4 busts are a lot are a problem for private.
what do you guys think?
Any recruiters here would like to chime in?
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