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Default Understanding the power struggle between pilots and employers

I'm working on a research paper for sociology. My goal is to relate Karl Marx's theories of class/power struggle to airlines and thier pilots. My problem is understanding the underlying motivations/situations of both parties. Can anyone here give me insight to what airline pilots are trying to accomplish, wish to recieve, or expect to happen with their jobs from 2000-2010?
Also, does anyone have good internet sources to understanding the airline side of it.

Other questions you may think to answer:

As a whole, do airline pilots feel like they are under constant and strengthening oppression by thier employers? For example, are employers are always pulling harder to take away things such as benefits, pay, or other aspects you enjoy about your job?

Do you see a turning point in the role the airline pilot plays in airline business? Such as the strength of the union and what authority it may have to control financial decisions in the airlines.

What about the airlines themselves, do you see the coveted airline pilot job becoming less glorified as everyone gets underpaid (comparitively) to fly RJ's in direct routes as a hub and spoke system dissolves? Agree or disagree?