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Question Fastest way to the regionals???

Hello to all,

I am sure this has been discussed before, but...

What is the fastest way to the regionals for a guy working on his PPL?

I went through the Mesa program many years ago (as did my brother), and it was a great deal at the time... things have changed though, and with hiring happening at some regionals with less than 400TT, going through a 2 year program, specially if one already has a 4-year degree, is a waste of money/time.

I know Mesa has the PACE program which could pay off nicely.

Any other alternatives that you guys know of?

Any good Part 141 schools in Arizona or New Mexico someone has experience with?

My main goal is helping out a friend who would like to get on with a Part 121 carrier, no matter which one.... and he would like to do it without having to instruct (no offense to all those great instructors out there)... meaning we would like to know the fastest way from PPL to a Part 121.

Any help is truly appreciated.
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