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Originally Posted by shackone View Post
Interesting article.

Later in the article, this...
I Just read the whole article. Google it. Aren't these senior pilot negotiotors probably the same guys that people say would be bought out in the merger. DAL has probably hired between 500-700 pilots since 2007. That would make the "thousands to the bottom" guys pre 9-11 hires by years. NWA was hiring at that time also and continues today. Why should their equivelent hires get seniority over DAL's. NWA pilots would already be receiving DAL's better base pay, retirement plan kickers and access to bigger equipment (ie pay) because of their relative seniority since DAL is putting new hires into 76-ER's. Sounds like these guys are shooting for the moon. The article mentioned "a pay raise for some" which I imagine is either the NWA guys onto the DAL payscale or a raise for senior DAL guys trying to split the union group so enough DAL guys will support. I am at the very bottom so that is where I will stay but I do not want to see my friends (and guys I don't know) who have been at DAL for 7-10 years get staples behind a guy who has been at NWA for less time.
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