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Obviously we are reacting to a news story and this is exactly the reason ALPA wants this keep quiet while they work through a difficult negotiation. Bottom line is that I'm trusting my Reps to do the right thing. However, the attitudes from some who have written on this board surprise me.

NWA pilots are saying Delta pilots have a sense of entitlement and feel like they are "owed a job."

Truth is, yes, I have a job, a good job that I like. I'm just hoping to keep my current position and domicile in this merger.

Lets see, NWA is parking aircraft and wants:

One of the people close to the talks said a small group of Northwest seniority list pilot negotiators want thousands of young Delta pilots to go to the bottom of the combined seniority list as part of agreeing to a deal on seniority. The person said that was a major hang-up. A spokesman for the Northwest pilots union, Greg Rizzuto, did not immediately return a call....
AA bought TWA, stapled 60% of the list, then parked AA's Fokkers and 727's. TWA's 757 pilots, including some Captains, went to the street. I can see management refusing to go along with NWA's plan just due to the resulting displacement bids as the DC-9 flying is outsourced to Compass and Mesaba with "NO" (to quote Steenland) restriction.

I would like to see this flying performed by pilots on the combined seniority list and have asked about scope changes. How the permitted aircraft conflicts will be resolved? Replies from both sides that Section 1 is not being re-opened.

Obviously merging into the World's Largest Airline is complex and has threats that need to be carefully considered. I'm very pleased that the Captains at the table are keeping this thing chocked and not getting rushed for departure.

The best kind of status quo is status quo. We can realize all the benefits of a merger through code share and strategic partnerships.

Lets go beat the competition the old fashioned way, with better execution, service and efficiency.

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