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Default Background checks and driving record

I'm about to pull the trigger and go finish my fight training so I can change careers. But, I'm trying to sort out a few things beforehand to make sure I'm actually going to be hireable when I'm done.

To that end...
I'm good to go regarding criminal history/drugs/alcohol/credit.
I'm scheduling a consult with my AME to discuss my medical history before I apply for my medical.
I've done a background check on myself and pulled my driving records. I also have my NDR and State Police records on the way.

About my driving record...
I've pulled my 10-yr driving record in both states I've lived in, and they show nothing. However, I've had 6-7 speeding tickets in the past. Many of the tickets are 20-ish years old, with the most recent being 13 years ago (I'm 45, BTW). One was a reckless driving (not DUI related) for speeding back in 2000, which carries a misdemeanor charge here in VA.

Two questions:

1. With my driving record, is there a place for me commercial aviation? I'm not dead set on 121, and I'm fully aware that the Majors are out, but would regionals still be a possibility if I did want to go 121?

2: Can anyone recommend a better way to check my records? DMV and court records that I have access to only go back 10 and 15 years, respectively. But I want to be as accurate and straightforward as possible during any application process. I tried an online background check service (Truthfinder), and it showed a few old tickets, but there were some inaccuracies as well.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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