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Originally Posted by Droopy View Post

So, don't crash, collect SSA disability benefits, or commit identity theft and they won't catch the lie, got it.

Also, "If you make an inadvertent oversight, and the FAA picks up on it, a letter of explanation and supportive medical documentation will usually resolve the issue before it gets out of hand." - Worth a try to get away with it first and ask for forgiveness afterwards.

For example, unless they scan your brain for indications of lying, why admit to using cannabis in a legal state? If you're not under the influence at the time of flying, it shouldn't matter if you have a trace amount attributable to rubbing cannabis lotion on your sore muscles from a ski trip a few weeks prior. Sometimes, regulations (like the prohibition of cannabinoids) is not based on sound science, rather anecdotal evidence, shotty tests on rats, and the holy word of Harry Anslinger and Richard Nixon. - this argument applies to the Olympics, too.
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