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Senior guys,

Please donít bid the new flying and let it go junior.

- junior guy
This is exactly why no one should lose sleep over some folks seeing some layovers as unsafe or undesirable. All it does is create a niche where you will have fewer folks to bid against. I donít blame someone for not feeling like the juice is worth the squeeze with regards to the personal risk (minimal statistically, but not necessarily emotionally) inherent in some layovers. People who donít want these layovers make it easier for those who do to hold them. Itís a win for them too, because the folks who want the ďdangerousĒ layovers arenít bidding for something else. Mo flying is always mo better for us.

Now, what airplanes will Carol find in order for us to grow by an additional 14 tails next year, on top of already announced orders?
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