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It seems like a very small perk, but when you think about it, it could be as good a deal as airline miles. I fly a fair amount of commercial deadheads, but stay in way too many hotels. Anyway, there was some talk about this months ago, but I haven't heard anything since. I usually give my card to the hotel, but I rarely get credit for points or a stay.

I haven't stayed at the Courtyard Marina Del Rey in a long time. They used to have a little sign taped on the front desk that said they appreciate airline crews and would give them points. I have never seen anyone else do that, but I guess they changed their mind.

It seems like a fairly easy thing to get when negotiating an airline contract. Alot of hotels want our business, it fills rooms every night, not just a seasonal rush. Many times we don't use our rooms, and you know they rent those out when they can and, at the very least, don't have to clean them. I'd like to see a renewed emphasis on this, it would be a nice perk...
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