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Default Colgan Air Pilot Hiring - Open House

Released 5/12/06 from Colgan Recruiting:

"We will be conducting an open house in Houston May 18th and 19th to interview for a number of positions including pilots. There will be two sessions at the Holiday Inn on JFK Blvd., Thursday May 18th at 1pm and Friday May 19th at 1pm. Referrals by Colgan pilots will be given special consideration and appointments.

Posted minimums are 1000 TT with 100 multi-engine time. Total time can be lower if multi is significantly higher or for Colgan pilot referrals. Pilots with less than 1000 TT must score higher in the SIM evaluation to be considered.

Classes are planned for both the Saab and the Beech. Saab training will be in Houston and Beech training will be in Manassas.

Candidates should understand clearly that Houston is a senior base and commuting to the North East is difficult.

We will also be interviewing in Florida, La Guardia and Manassas in the next two weeks.

Pilots apply online via, or submit your resume to [email protected], or fax to 703 361-8034

We look forward to hearing from you."
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