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Originally Posted by shrsailplanes View Post
Something else to know about XO is that they require you to sign a non-compete agreement. You cannot fly for another operation that has a similar business model to XOJet for a period of six months after you resign from the company.

If you want to go 121, no problem, but if you want to stay in the fractional or 135 business, you have to tell the new company you canít start for six months or you just take the risk. I can understand if you work for a company with important intellectual property or they are concerned you might steal clients, but thatís just not the case with XO.

It feels to me that rule is strictly punitive and a mechanism to retain pilots. Personally, I think there are better ways to retain pilots. Just my opinion.
Wow, that must be a brand new requirement. I never heard of it beforeÖ
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