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Originally Posted by section306 View Post
Came across this in Pheonix...

Anyone know anything about working here? With a CFII & MEI, am currently working as a CFI at a small school in FL. I am considering applying at PA for an FI role, (money looks great, fleet looks modern) and was looking for first hand insight as to what it's *really* like to work and live there. The 'promises' of up to $55K/income seem pretty aggressive... and moving across country isn't trivial... Questions:
o Is the $55K/yr earnings realistic and achievable or is only 1 of 50 instructors ever gonna really make that much?
o What are *average* earnings for an FI w CFII and MEI?
o Can you really get 100 hours monthly?
o Are you paid as a W2 employee or a 1099 consultant (ie no bennies, on your own for taxes etc.)
o What is the caliber of student you are training?
o Are they financially connected in any way to the economically troubled Pan Am Airways that seems to come to life and die again every few years (they most recently had a few routes from Bedford MA and Portsmouth NH to FL but recently shutdown...)
o What else should I be aware of, that working there has taught you, or that you wished you knew before you took the job?

Thanks in advance, for inputs from current/former PA FI's.

Chinese students...or are they Korean? Regardless, those instructors have my respect....I'd go crazy after the day's first couple of flight hours.

oh, and it's "Phoenix."
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