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Originally Posted by ACEAV8R View Post
Who do you work for and what station are you at? I guess you get just as much fun as I do. Not to mention fighting with crew scheduling/dispatch/maint control, dealing with maintenance personnel, working with mainline to try and squeeze 15 aircrafts into 9 gates, and aircraft/crew swaps. Also dealing with my bitter agents, p/oed pax, some crew members that just think we throw bags, scan boarding cards and eat lunch, and being everywhere at once. Oh did I mention there were no hotels in the area and pax aren't gonna fly out for another 3 days. I can't remember the amount of personal law suits and @$$ beatings I have coming for me. All for about 12 bucks an hour. Anyone wanna switch pm me asap. I don't mind being that "low time" pilot who knows nothing because in a few months, I'll no longer be that guy. Everyone must start somewhere. I'll even throw in a vest with a different color from the reg agents so that you are id as the leader.

Carib, I hope the ride doesn't end for you buddy. Fly it till the wings fall off because You'll never miss the water until the well runs dry.
I work with Eagle in ROC, sometimes PIT, SBA, FNT, and HPN as a tdy. In the smaller cities like home (ROC) we do everything. Ticket counter, gate, ramp, ops, bag room and baggage service (my fav!) Just to give an example of why I hate my job and wish I was somewhere around FL180-400...Today I start at 11am (this is after 2 days of cxld flights, which happens a lot, due to our snow storm around western ny) and all the flights are oversold and then become weight restricted due to high fuel and baggage, but dispatch just laughs at you when you ask for lower fuel...oh ya and a deadhead just got possitive space to get to training so I got to find another vol and he could care less, but there are no flights out for at least a day or so because every airline is in the same boat. Get done with three oversold over weight flights...get 30mins for dinner around 8pm, got to go to ops and get all the paperwork done for the day which takes another hour, set up the ramp and then its our overnighter gets in around 1020pm. The capt yells at me after parking because there are no lead in lines (THERE ALL COVERED IN ICE AND SNOW we just got a SNOW STORM, HELLO?...he didnt like that answer..oh well that was something I just didnt get around to do today I guess. After that its off to baggage and take around 9-10 claims off a 50 seat jet..not good..and have some idiot yell at me because 1. her bag was not there and 2 there was a child playing on the bag its my job to babysit too!!!!! After I helped all the happy people in baggage and finshed up it was 2am.....all for $12.00 an hour and 7years on the job....anyone want to trade stick/computer time...let me know......................
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