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Skyhigh you're gonna kill yourself at an early age with that attitude. I feel sorry for you. I wish you the best, but I see the writting on the wall. Life is what you make of it. You wanna be crabby, life will give you rotten apples. Yes I've been through Mesaba's Ch11, upgraded-downgraded all the fun stuff.
When I am the only male chaperone amongst "stay at home moms" during my kids field field trip, I feel lucky to have my job. I know I will have given kid great memories and opportunities that none of the kids in his class have ever done. My kid is 7 and has been to Europe 5 times, and all over the United States. How many kids can say that? I work with great people who look out for each other. I don't have worry about a co-worker stabbing me in the back to get the promotion over me. I do my job right, I do it safe and go home with a feeling of accomplishment. I have brothers who make 8times more than me and everytime they see me, they tell me how they envy my job. I could complain about time away from my family, instead I make the best of the time I do have. Plus it's a great amount of time.
To the guy who started this post, live the dream!!! Don't let guys like skyhigh drag you down. They're the ones who sit on the sidelines, ***** and moan and try to drag everyone down. "I'm miserable, everyone else should be to." You'll fly with guys like this to but look at the big picture. They hate being away from home, is it because their spouse doesn't support their dream and makes them feel miserable everytime they head out the door? I'll bet you that is the real reason. Understand these people, learn from them, don't make their mistakes. EVERY job has it's negative issues, if you can't make the best out of it you will never be happy at any job. Look at skyhigh he isn't truly happy at his "other" job, he still misses the cockpit. Check out the number of posts he has here. If this industry is such a hinderance to a persons life, why does he have 3000 posts here?
Those of us who are lucky enough to fly are the envy of many. How many kids say I wanna be a CPA when I grow up? Enough said.
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