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Originally Posted by cornerpocket View Post
Thanks for sharing your experience. I left the regionals a few years back and am actually contemplating going back to the airlines. It's not a matter I'm taking lightly. I know the downsides of the pilot lifestyle. I am currently in an office job and I am no longer feeling "into it". A couple of key reason for my own personal disengagement are: having to work within the confines of Sr. Management's business decisions no matter how much those choices undercut efforts to reach goals [like willfully choosing to under-staff], hitting the glass ceiling, "Meh" pay & benefits [most regional CA's have better pay], and as I get older, I ask myself where do I go if my position is eliminated when I am in my 50's? My company eliminated quite a few positions for "older" people during COVID. Outside of flying, I don't have any hard skill sets like engineering, software/IT, Chemistry, etc. But maybe most of those problems could be "solved" by running your own company? YMMV.
I made a pit stop in IT and I completely understand the management preventing the goals. I think I'll like airport operations but I will never make airline money.

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