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Default Phenom PIC needed near Baton Rouge

Copied from the Part 91 area as I wasn't sure where to put it..........

Hi guys, a close contact is looking to hire a phenom 100 PIC near Baton Rouge Louisiana. Published mins are TT:4000 PIC: 3000 PIC turbine:2000 Make and model PIC:500. These are soft minimums and are flexible if you are named on the policy, so if you have relevant experience (corporate, turbine, time in type) and are interested, reach out to me and I'll try to give you more details on the position. Pay is in the $100k range plus benefits. Two weeks off per month and he mentioned 3 hard days, but I'm not sure what he means by that as I'm an airline pilot. Someone relatively local and typed would be ideal, but I don't think they are trying to exclude anyone that might be a good fit.
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