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Originally Posted by JohnnyBekkestad View Post
I remember back in the day when I was a CFI, I was forced to send two of my CFI initial candidates with this one guy, He failed them both and when he landed he told them to pay him another 400$ each and they would just go straight back up and finish up. This was even before he had even debriefed me and told me what I needed to retrain them on. I can probably list 100s of similar stories about the same examiner and other ones during the 7 years I was teaching in south florida.
An excellent reason to report the dude’s actions to the FAA. NOT a reason to hand out type ratings or training passes to everyone as a friggin’ participation trophy.

Would you want to be operated on by a doctor who showed up for anatomy and pathology class but was never able to pass either? IF THERE ARE DEFICIENCIES IN TRAINING PERSONNEL YOU ADDRESS THE DEFICIENCIES IN TRAINING PERSONNEL. YOU DO NOT PASS THE TRAINEES REGARDLESS OF MERIT.
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