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Originally Posted by C17B74 View Post
Thanks for the clarification. Definitely a good way to plan your life for the year with consistency with lower seniority. With a few years of seniority it might not be an issue. Having been sent home early a day or even two (twice) since Jan plus many Primary 30 day lines have been dropping to 16 days with even a few 15 days lines is a worthwhile gamble. Moving to the left seat with low seniority the FPL really does makes sense to be able to control your lifestyle as well.

*Luckily I a have no inclination to be MIA based. Flew with an 18 yr MIA based Capt who indicated their seniority actually fell back a few notches hence the reserve line was all they could hold. Wow, but that’s MIA.
Last month I finished my BWI-MIA, and when I landed I had like 2 emails and 5 missed calls from scheduling. They asked me if instead of my overnight, I’d be willing to DH to Austin , do a AUS-RIV next day, and then home, 2 days earlier. I said YES!, why wouldn’t I go home earlier. Next day they added 3 flights and no more early home for me

MIA flying looks great to be honest, but the seniority situation is ridiculous.

I wish JFK 747 had the same flying JFK 767 does, it’d be the best job on earth.
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