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Good luck on the interview, study the the packet and gouge that HR sends you. is also a good source for study material, but be cautious on some of the answers, double check with references. Know what ACMI, TEM and CRM mean.

I am in the 767 pipeline now. We are on a 3 1/2 week break. Cut loose after systems, then back for a review week and the Oral. About 7 weeks for the sims is what my schedule shows. Looking at 4 months for initial training. But as was stated, we get min guarantee each month plus per diem while in MIami. Ticket home and back is also covered under the gateway program.
Wait so they sent you home as in expected you to vacate your room? Just curious as I am moving out of my apartment and would have to find housing somewhere if they "sent me home". Starting 767 on 2 Aug.
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