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PhantomAir: Absolutely it can be done. I took my first lesson at the ripe ole age of 36 on 12/28/2000. It has been about 5 years and 5 months since and I am now flying for my second regional. (I got the job with the first one just after 4 years of flying.) By the way, my sim partner was just starting his second career and he was 48. As I am sure you have seen on this and other sites, the pay sucks at the regionals, as well as a few other quality of life issues so as long as you are prepared for that, you might as well go after your dreams. One other piece of advice: Have you considered the option of buying a small IFR plane (Cessna 152 or Cherokee) and finding a local instructor? Then you can build a lot of time at a fraction of the cost. That is the route I took and I saved a ton of money. Once you get into it and start meeting people, you may find other opportunities that can help you build time. I am type rated in the King Air 300 just because I to the right guy at the right time...and I was not even trying. Anyway, good luck and have fun in the process! CTL
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