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1. Some direct hire into twin turbine, of course, as always, depending on experience. My personal experience, I got to choose the base, therefor turbine or piston. Which do you suppose I chose? It really depends on the needs of the company at the time of hire. Portland and Pheonix are the big piston twin bases, most everwhere else is turbine, with the 99 as your entry aircraft for low timers.

2. Upgrades, figure at or around 6 months, IF you're willing to relocate. Internal politics, the forces that be, and your buddy the assistant chief pilot will be able to influence this when turbine spots open in other bases. Count on 6 months at your first base as they like to see you in one place for six months before, relocating and/or upgrading. This goes for the 99s into metro and B1900s as well.

3. crash pads; you do the math. Pay is ~$12 ish/hr for piston or 99, garaunteed 40 hours (units) per week, 52 weeks per year. $750 per paycheque after taxes and medical deductions in a B99. So, cali, SEA, OAK, might be expensive, BIL, PDX (??), PHX might be a better deal. Also keep in mind some of these bases you will not be living in that town, but outstationed and fliying into it everyday. Every weekday that is. As for flight time, it's not a quick builder, I figure, at most, 3ish hours per day of flight time, some places less, not too many have more. If it takes longer, they put a bigger faster plane on it. The longest flights Ameriflight systemwide are B1900s out of PR, with 4-6.5hours per day average.

Any more questions? Oh, should also mention, all single pilot, twin turbine PIC, not much in the way of autopilots, or GPS except in the Caribbean. Boxes are cheap to replace, boys.
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