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"Ruthie" is full of beans. There are so many inconsistencies and non-sequiturs in her article that it hardly merits a repost, much less a response. Somebody should confiscate her pencil, before she writes again.

She is further proof that an a$$ is a terrible thing to waste.

Maybe FedEx should just bring back the "People Pack?" In the meantime, here are a few other ways FedEx could teach something to the airlines;

1) "If 'the customer' is more than 6 feet long or too heavy for the driver to pick up, it will probably be much cheaper for him to travel by semi-truck"

2) "If 'the customer' is found to be leaking, he or she should be removed from the aircraft and set aside, and Hazmat called"

3) "If 'the customer' contains flammable gas under pressure, he or she may not travel by air, unless he falls under the rules pertaining to "Excepted Quantities" (I.E., children, midgets, and some women)
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