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Originally Posted by CRJammin
At Fedex, what type of routes and/or aircraft go senior? You have fleet differential pay, so can I correctly assume that most of the senior folks go to the MD-11?
If so, are the routes international, or domestic, Hawaii, or??
You might be surprised! Pretty sure your assumption doesn’t work at FredEx.

A large # of pilots are commuters and where you live dictates a lot of the seniority issue.

For instance, there are (or least were, when I pulled the plug 2 years ago) LOTS of folks in all seats of the 727 who were VERY relatively overall senior, because that jet flew week-on, week-off trips out of their home city.

I was #3 in the Boeing, but could have been in the top 20% of any of the wide bodies, higher in some domiciles. Chose not to bid out due to quality of life issues. The fact that you are flying out of your home city, get your 1st bid choice on lines every month and vacation bid - and a great quality of life, has a lot of folks doing strange things.

Then there are always the folks who will chase the dollar at any given opportunity, and will bid the next highest seat at the first opportunity. So, seniority at Purple is murky at the best. I will bet that seniority is all over the map, because each individual has their own set of hot buttons.

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