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Originally Posted by hatetobreakit2u
all this after there expecting a pilot shortage during the busy summer months? idiots
I dig your link in your signature. Well said. Perhaps this young generation of pilots can honestly get together and either make ALPA stronger, or create a new union with a much more intelligent process for getting the dignity of this job back? NATCA is facing the same problems. We are being forced to just flop over and take it in the rear by way of the FAA.

Originally Posted by C175
That is a ridiculous statement. I don't know how old you are, but I can remember when I was a kid in the seventies and flying was a big fu$%ing deal. People dressed up nice and planned trips months in advance. It was the tail end of a great era. That era, however, meant that flying was a luxury and one that didn't happen often. Because people didn't fly as often, there wasn't a demand for as many pilots.
Now that you can get a plane ticket for cheaper than a bus pass, more people fly. More people flying means more pilot positions. Without cheap tickets, not as many people fly......catch my drift?
I'm 21, 22 next month, and I too remember dressing up nice as a child to go on an "airplane trip." I get disgusted walking through airports these days. Cut-off t-shirts, dirty jean shorts. . . christ people, put on some real cloths for once in a while. You're not in your trailor.

You never said why you think my post was ridiculous, but that's fine.

You stated the simple fact that plane tickets are cheaper than bus passes. Here lies the problem. This is an airplane, not a damn greyhound bus. Agree?

Yes, cheaper tickets, more planes, more pilots, working at a MUCH lower wage than what they should be making. Agreed?

No FO should be making less than the poverty level, I don't give a rats ass if it's because they are a first year FO or not. Unfortunately that is the environment we find ourselves in. I'm not asking to make 150k a year, but it would be nice to be able to support a family (my wife) when you move from CFIing to FO on a RJ, 40k a year for the first year is reasonable to me, so much more than 20k at some regionals.

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