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Originally Posted by rickair7777 View Post
You're going to get someone in a lot of trouble with this advice. The GOM/FOM is REGULATORY...that means it's just like FAR's.

I'm familiar with three airline manuals, and they all list who is authorized in the jumpseat, quite specifically. Not Listed = Not Authorized.

If you want to make your own decisions, feel free, but don't spread bad gouge that's going to get someone fired.
Rick I think we work at the same company, and my FOM says that he can.

it states:
" The Company requires the following of OAL flight deck jumpseaters:
1. Be an active employee of a CASS-authorized air carrer
2. Possess a valid (not expired) air carier ID badge."

In addition on the next page,
"Flight Deck Jumpseat -Eligibility
To be eligible for the flight deck jumpseat, the individual must be listed above (various company employees) or a:
1. Jumpseat-authorized employee from a TSA/FAA CASS approved airline. Pilots and Dispatchers from other CASS approved airlines (oal) can flight deck jumpseat domestically; intl OAL flight deck jumpseating is prohibited.

And Class 8 jumpseaters....per FOM...."Walk up jumpseaters for US domestic certified pilots, PFE's, and dispatchers employes by 14 CFR part 121 or 135 air carriers participating in the CASS program."

The poster met ALL these requirements, so i dont think I'll be getting anyone fired Check your facts on this one before you think i'm getting someone in trouble....
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