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Originally Posted by rickair7777 View Post
SKW company policy states that a reciprocating agreement is required, so the CA would have been violating company, if not FAA policy. It's his call in that case, but the gate agent would need to play can't board the airplane without the gate agent's approval.

My first 121 employer did have a recip with amflight. I had an amflight buddy who was going to take me for a ride on his trip once SAN-ONT-SAN), but the company would not allow it due to insurance. I'm guessing maybe SKW doesn't offer recip agreements to companies who are not permitted by their insurance to accept jumpseaters
Things may have changed since I was there but there was a legal way at getting around jumpseating on AMF. Then again, if this is really an insurance company issue, all bets are off.

By the way, maybe you can ask SKW to allow jumpseaters from a non-reciprocating airline but at a lower priority. I know that a number of airlines do that.
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