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Originally Posted by flyerfly View Post
What is the deal with Skywest weights?!?!? In 2 years and 2 companies I have never turned down a jumpseater due to w&b. Weight restrictions on PPWRK mean nothing either they are just a starting point you can always play with fuel and taxi fuel....

I am curious though; why can't SKW play with its weights? We do ours on ACARS too just not the Collins software.
I've been denied the jumpseat *many* more times on ERJ's than on Skywest's CRJ's.

In two years of flying the thing I've never had to deny someone, so you must be having really bad luck. It has happened to me occasionally with a combination of a distant alternate, a lot of holding fuel, and a forward empty CG. In that case, there's literally nothing we can do to get you on. We work just as hard as anyone to accommodate jumpseaters, but you can only fudge fuel so much and still be legal...and ACARS doesn't let you lie very much.
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