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Default This is Bunk

I think Kelly needs a new abacus here ...........

"Kelly, who said Dallas-based Southwest's costs were about 35 percent below those of the "legacy" carriers that are burdened by higher labor and pension costs, added that the airline is guarding against complacency"

Really.......... 35 percent ! I would love to see that balance sheet.

"Southwest is working with its pilots to improve productivity and plans to do the same with flight attendants as it seeks to further reduce the employees needed aboard each flight," he said.

Lets see here........If we have only 1 pilot and maybe 1 or 2 Flight attn.
then we could have more seats for passengers!

Or.............maybe 9 legs a day instead of the regular 7 ????????????

Kelly you make me laugh with your comments.

Signed standing Tall in DFW

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