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The problem with Unions is that the current political arena does not allow unions to work as intended (The RLA not implemented as designed is a slap in the face). While I did vote for Bush last go-around, I am highly disappointed in the lack of union support from the politicians in Washington.

On top of the political climate that has changed since the advent of Unions is the fact that overall in the social circles the "american way" is cheaper, bigger, better, more and in the workforce its "may the best survive". These factors only make picketing useless and further frustrates everyone involved in the union drives towards better work rules, wages, and QOL. The "american way" has morphed the workforce demographic over the last few generations over managment groups claiming higher wages and better work environments in place of no unions, due to that fact the CEO/management pay has grown exponentially since the disbandment of many unions in many different labor arenas while the blue collar, and in many instances lower white collar workers have suffered.

Just my thoughts at 6am.

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