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Default Worth the Hardwork or not?

I know that people have talked about it over and over again about if the regionals are worth shooting for and I would like some advice, some positive advice and encouragment. To give you some background im going to be attending the flight officer program at central washington university this fall and upon completion and assuming i have enough hours from flight instructing would like to end up in a regional preferrably Horizon which has a partnership with CWU and occasionally from what I hear ask for pilots to be interviewed. I currently have a PPL with 80 hours TT in 150's and 172's and a lot of time on microsoft flight simulator which helped spark my love for flying and taught me a great deal, it's nice to already have an upper hand on things coming into the program. However I am somewhat I guess frustrated by how people coin the regionals as such a negative place. No not everyone but i've read many posts on this forum bashing the regionals saying don't degrade yourself to work for one of them the pay is bad the work hours long the QOL poor and you're life will be a mess paying bills and trying to just get's not like I am going into this with little knowledge of what Im going to be shooting for. I know 4 years is a long way a way and a lot could change but to be honest its also not that far away because I have already made the decision to get my "parents" to invest money into making me a professional pilot and completing the 4 year program at CWU. It's not that I am ignoring other people's advice not to start a career in the regionals, it's not like I do not know the various insecurities and complexities of the job, I've been researching and exploring the topic since I was 14 years old I guess I just want someone who flies for a regional to encourage me to give me not necessarily reassurance since I know the field has quite a bit of instability but a positive outlook on how it could be beneficial and how I'm making a good decision instead of all these other folks who have to negate the job and point out every one of its flaws. i care little for the military route I don't want to fly cargo or corporate I want to fly for the regionals and move on to the majors if I get the chance. Sure some of these people are smart and experienced in the field and there is certainly some truth in their words and I respect them. I understand many of these people had bad experiences and some on this forum use their experience to discourage others from signing on to an airline job. that's what I question. I want to prove these people wrong I want to prove I can succeed and maybe be a small part that helps to rectify and reglorify the industry as a whole and give it some credibility that it seems to lack in this day and age. Maybe Im overanalyzing maybe im being over the top in my approach towards things. Im 19 years old i have hardly any1 around my age who can relate to me besides my parents and friends who encourage me to follow my dream, there's no one out there it seems like who's my age and wants to do what I want to who can say look you can do it and you can feel good about what you do and we're here to back you and encourage you in your quest. Comments appreciated regards, Chris
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