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We have incredibly varied schedules and lifestyles at UPS, some really nice, some not so much. There is the night sort stuff, mainly flown by the 757/767, A300. Most of those night skeds are week on, week off. Or to be more accurate, 6 on 8 off typically. Pretty nice lifestyle if you dont mind the night gig.

Day flying schedules are a bit more representative of what you see at the pax carriers. Normally 3 trips a month with one decent stretch of 8 or 9 days off.

757/767 fleet does a fair amount of international as well. Some of those trips are 13 on 15 off, or a 10 day trip, then a 3 or 4 day trip during the month.

MD-11 SDF is mostly long haul 13 day trips, but is doing a fair amount a domestic these days as well, day and night side so that is changing a bit. MD ANC is a mix of lines with one long trip, or a bunch of short trips, both international and domestic.

Then there is reserve, which IMO is the best gig going in the industry. Reserve is typically short call only meaning you have between a 1.5 hr and 2.0time frame to get your butt to the airport when called, depending on domicile.

Reserve skeds are either 15 on 13 off or 8 on 6 off then one block of 7 on 7 off.

Reserve is hot and cold. Sometimes they fly your butt off, sometimes you might only get called 4 out of 15 days. It comes and goes in cycles.

There are other types of skeds, with mulitple reports involving a mix of short day and night trips. Thats the garbage and usually goes to the most junior folks on the list. They are known by three dirty words, "base trip lines" Its nightmarish garbage especially if your a commuter.

hope this helps.........
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