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Originally Posted by LostInAsia View Post
What kind of information are you looking for?

I am on the AJX contract and your commuting options are either to take $2000 per month in cash and buy your own ticket (either ZED or regular ticket) or have the company buy you a business class ticket to your home. You choose month to month. This month I took the money, next month I am having the company buy me a business class ticket. Those are your only options....There is no jumpseating.

Air Japan will give you 10 consecutive days off per month, AJV will give you 11. You have 24 vacation days per year to use as you want. Some guys take 2 days per month, some take it bigger blocks. This company is outstanding in being flexible with your schedule.

Given all that is going on with the industry back home, this has to be one of the best places to be right now. Hopefully it will stay that way.

in paragraph 2 you say "This company is outstanding in being flexible with your schedule." are you refering to the air japan or the cargo side??

Realistcally if i get on with the pax side will I be able to come to the states on my days off? Or is the pax side more for those that don't worry about comuting so much.

I know that on the cargo side it's a better for comutes to the states cause apparantly they guarantee you all your days off in a row.

I talked to the recruiter he said my package is ready to be sent to tokyo and relly need to decide on wich airline to go to.

Thanks all info helps
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