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Originally Posted by FlyByCable View Post
And with the resultant loss of flying, you junior guys will be furloughed. I hope that you are being sarcastic, but after reading lots of UPS posts on this forum, I don't think you are. You really should become better informed about your company and the industry in which it operates. While it's good to be very suspicious of UPS, their sole goal is not to screw you or the IPA.
I think that those of us who actually work for UPS know all about UPS. Some may talk crap on here, but those I fly with and those I see at work fully understand the industry and UPS. Actually, nobody understands UPS, and as soon as you accept that, then you understand UPS.

And your last point I don't agree with. They do try to screw the IPA at almost every corner. If you worked here, you would see that.
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