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  • Numerous changes were made that will be captured in a new timetable. We tried to make changes that gave folks a real picture of open time with respect to the numerous adjustments that were taking place
  • Removed language requiring signatures for trip trades. Allow for verbal trip trades within 24 hours of departure at Company discretion.
  • Allow FNP/PNF between domiciles
  • Hotel, per diem and ticket bank use is available for FNP crewmember.
  • FNP who calls sick will now be charged if he calls sick for the segment(s).
  • Removed language that required trade to cover equal or greater number of days. Now says you can trade as long as it increases your credit hour projection, equals it or will not reduce it by more than the value of a day at trip rig. Trip trades that reduce you more than 1 hr below guarantee will not be allowed. That said, if you are projected to be more than 1 hour below guarantee and you trade for something that reduces your credit further, your guarantee will be adjusted by that amount.
  • If you call in sick and a reserve covers your trip, you have the option to pick up your trip at any location prior to the beginning of a scheduled duty period. No longer required to lose value of an entire trip if it does not pass thru the domicile, or make yourself available. You are responsible for your own transportation and you will be considered off sick at report time for the duty period in which you rejoin the trip. You must let the Company know 12 hours prior to the beginning of the duty period that you are going to rejoin the trip. If you do not elect to rejoin the trip, the old language about being available applies.
  • Added a FAT policy hat no longer just automatically debits your sick bank upon calling fatigued. A joint IPA/UPS fatigue working group will be established that will be tasked with reviewing all FAT calls on an individual basis. The Company cannot engage in discipline or harassment for FAT calls.
  • The Company can add a position or deposition deadhead for revised trips due to vacation or training. The shift must be complied with any duty periods for training or flight involve the EDW.
  • Crewmembers can request positioning or depositioning deadheads to remain on original trips that do not transit the domicile.
  • Crewmembers can now trade trips or pick up trips that are scheduled to occur 24 hours or more after the scheduled completion of training. You are no longer prohibited from picking up or trading trips due to landing currency or training issues.
  • Transition trips that conflict with vacation or training- pay and credit for the transition will be determined by calculating the transition conflict with the new trip and then applying the vacation/training to the adjusted line.
  • If you are on duty in a domestic gateway and they cancel your flight, you must be assigned within 1 hour after the notification of the cancellation for a departure within 3 hours after the originally scheduled departure time. (otherwise they have to release you)
  • If the above mentioned cancellation is due to wx or mx, they window for reassignment is 2 hours (was 4)
  • Reserves or airport standby lineholders flying open time trips cannot be given sim support or standby duty.
  • 13A duty and rest limitations apply to revisions except as follows: shift and segment limits apply unless there is an uncontrollable situation (and yes we defined this in M&I). Legal to start, legal to finish for schedule purpose applies. So this means if they revise for something other than wx or diversion, the schedule must be recalculated as it would be with block time in this scenario; 18 hr rest after commercial for EDW applies for revision where original deadhead is still available or an alternate is available. International crossing limits apply but rest patterning may not be guaranteed- crewmember shall never operate 4 crossing without 30 hr rest. Segment limits apply as noted for domestic ops. Rest after block applies but if necessary to make service and the crewmember is contactable (ie capable of being revised), he must have at least 12 hours off and receives JA pay for revised segment. No revision permitted to extended deadhead only duty period unless required rest was received. Extended deadhead requirements apply.
  • Lines that contain extended deadhead will be identified as such in bid package.
  • If entire line or a complete pay period is cancelled, Company can construct a substitute line of the same type only, ie if you have EDW you will get EDW and vice versa. Once the crewmember is assigned a substitute line, he may choose to construct a new line out of available open time. If he does this, he has 48 hours to build the new line, provided it is submitted no later than 48 hrs prior to the departure of the Company's substituted line. If the new line is within +/- 5 hours of the Company's line, the crewmember developed line shall be used. The crewmember still gets a 6 hr premium regardless of which line is used. The crewmember shall have first priority for open time assignment.
  • The Company now has to tell you ahead of time when they are trying to assign you something that requires a contract waiver.
  • You will now get a 2 hr premium when you are assigned additional segments that may or may NOT increase your duty day. This means that if you bid to fly SDF-RFD-SDF with a 5:50 sit in the sort each nite and they call you to stop in DEC but it does not increase your duty day- you still get a 2 hr premium for the change. :
  • Pay registers will be updated in CMS whenever a premium payment is altered. Approval or disapproval is required within 7 days after the duty period in which the revision occurred. A broadcast message, v file notice or crew advisory shall be provided whenever a premium is altered.
  • Company can assign reserves from a different domicile to cover a trip if they are in compliance with 14K provisions. Current language allows this all the time for uncovered flight segments. (means anything that has left the domicile or is not the as published pairing) We added some additional requirements, ie staffing formula compliance.
  • Company can elect to JA rather than use a reserve.
  • Company may place sim support in open time.
  • No changes
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