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Originally Posted by Mason32 View Post
OMG, so wrong.... Think a little... come on dude...
even the part 91 folks are responsible for doing a W&B for every flight....
and you think an air carrier certificate is going to get you LESS paperwork?
Ok, so I found what I was thinking about....(its's long, but it's what I was thinking)

135.63 Recordkeeping Requirements:

(c) For multiengine aircraft, each certificate holder is responsible for the preparation and accuracy of a load manifest in duplicate containing information concerning the loading of the aircraft. The manifest must be prepared before each takeoff and must include:

**Edited out the details, if you really want to read it click here**

(d) The pilot in command of an aircraft for which a load manifest must be prepared shall carry a copy of the completed load manifest in the aircraft to its destination. The certificate holder shall keep copies of completed load manifests for at least 30 days at its principal operations base, or at another location used by it and approved by the Administrator.

Part 91 only specifies under 91.103 Preflight Action that you must become familiar with weight, performance, wx etc.. under expected situations, but it doesn't have to be kept with a record.

I still haven't found anything where it mentions a Load Manifest(Written W&B) is required for anything but multi-engine aircraft under Part 135, but if someone finds it on single-engine, please, share instead of flame, even though flaming is much easier to do than actually learning something

Sorry if what I portrayed was taken wrongly
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