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That airplane was a Cheiftain operated by AirPac. I have a friend who used to be my flight instructor that is now a pilot for that airline. I had a scare when I heard the news because they wouldn't release a name right away. It wasn't him, but I had the same scare a few months ago when the same airline had another plane go down.

The strange thing about this story, is that the pilot reported having troubles maintaining altitude. He never said anything about a failed engine, so we should be able to assume that he had both engines. He had a light load on the plane, and that airplane would have no problems going over the mountains with that load even on one engine. Perhaps he had induction ice or a bad fuel flow problem? I was just in to the airport that he was trying to go into last week, and it is no place for a multi engine airplane. It is short, grass, and fairly bumpy. When you go onto FlightAware, the path of the plane goes well past the emergency airport in Easton, and goes almost to Seattle when the plane's path turns around and comes back to Easton. I am not 100% sure that those routes are completely accurate, but it seems a little strange.

I was somewhat thinking of flying for that airline in the future, but these incidents may have changed my mind.
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