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Originally Posted by daniel0265 View Post

Well... This problem doesn't come often in the 121 world but I am getting close. I tried looking in the far/aim for 121 regs on takeoff and landing currency. Couldn't find it, do we still need to maintain 3 T/O day and night landings under 121 ops? Where is the REG on that for 121...

3 Takeoffs and Landings, yes, Day and Night, NO

What you're looking for (or should be looking for) is "Pilot qualification: Recent experience."

Originally Posted by todd1200 View Post

If you're an FO I don't think you have to worry about it, since the reg applies to acting as PIC.

This kind of stuff is really much too important to just "think" about. Can you imagine the trouble a pilot, or an air carrier, could get into by taking your advice, and learning that it is absolutely incorrect? The thing is, it's not really that hard to consult the actual Code of Federal Regulations that we are supposed to know and follow.

The Code of Federal Regulations

Here's an excerpt:
121.439 Pilot qualification: Recent experience.
(a) No certificate holder may use any person nor may any person serve as a required pilot flight crewmember, unless within the preceding 90 days, that person has made at least three takeoffs and landings in the type airplane in which that person is to serve.
Originally Posted by III Corps View Post

As I remember, the FAA said the sim could be used but it was not to be used continually for currency.

"continually" ... hmm ... now, there's a technical term that I just don't recall having read in conjunction with recency of experience requirements. Again, "thinking" and "memory" aren't always the best guides. Let's continue the above excerpt where I left off:
The takeoffs and landings required by this paragraph may be performed in a visual simulator approved under 121.407 to include takeoff and landing maneuvers.
That's pretty plain and simple. The paragraph goes on to describe how a person who loses currency can reestablish currency in the airplane, or an approved simulator. There is nothing to suggest that using the simulator "continually" is even discouraged, much less prohibited.

Mind you, we're not discussing what is prudent here, or what the NTSB might have recommended -- we're talking about the rules.

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