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I listened to it. Agree with some. Disagree with some. The UAA guy is trying to sell aviation degrees and the MPL. The UAA is hardly impartial, their job is to promote and make money for the aviation schools in their organization. So, I think it's obvious he's pushing an agenda.

Both the ALPA guy and the UAA guy think there is, or will be, a pilot shortage and both seem to think the regionals are hiring 400 hour pilots left and right. I don't think either is true, and I hope we never get back to such low experience levels in the right seat, but it would be great is this "pilot shortage" really happens.

Personally, I've been hearing "there will be a pilot shortage" for 20 years. All I've really seen happen is and up and down cycle in entry level experience requirements for the various catagories of pilots. It's all about supply and demand.

It says at the link this story was published Sept 30th. It's hard to believe some of these guys remarks considering the current state of the industry. It makes a lot more sense if this came out a year ago.
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