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These are all great points and advice, thank you. I have been told a number of times that I should wait for any advanced instructor ticket so that the discounts might apply to the training by the FBO I hire in with. As I say that, it has always been on the back of my mind about the competitive nature of the industry now with all the furlow's and low hiring rates. I ask those of you that are already in the industry, you see those low time pilot's (new hire's) that have been flying the commuters, etc. filtering back into the teaching ranks due to the economy? I am wondering too if there are even higher time commercial pilots who don't have the job security...are they either renewing their instructing tickets or getting them just to stay flying?

With regards to the onus being on me in becoming the best CFI that I can be, I understand that the work is mine. A question that I have is do any of you have a recommendation of a syllabus that I could use as a template to formulate my own lesson plan? And if I may ask, what does the lesson plan(s) typically include? Is it acceptable to break down each ticket and create a separate plan for each? I am not really sure I am interested in doing an accelerated program (no offense Krafty1) simply because I think it would be difficult for me to understand everything that I would need to teach someone with little or no experience. With that said, 250 and Choxy, I ask the both of you, what should I expect out of a CFI in reviewing my lesson plans along with the flying portion? I tend to look at it as they are now working for me instead of the other way around when they were teaching me.

I apologize for the response being so long, but things are confusing where I am with accelerated schools, individual broker instructors, etc. telling me "this" is where I should be to do my CFI ticket. Obviously like everyone else out there, I am not interested in frivously spending money in acquiring any rating, etc. Things are tight and I want to get the most out of it for my money.

Thanks in advance for all your help.
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