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Originally Posted by Pilot41
I have 2 questions:

1. How is total time logged? I'm assuming it's SEL+MEL=TOTAL TIME. Sim time regardless of level of the sim can't be included in total flight time. Also how is student pilot time logged (is sudent pilot SEL logged as SEC or just Student pilot, same question regarding MEL before you get your type rating)?
It's been years, I forget.

I use the Jepp Professional logbook. I use category and class. Single, multi, land or sea, helicopter, glider etc. I only fly multi-engine land now, so it's easy. Then it has the conditions of the flight: night, instrument, or hood. It has a separate column for simulator time, which I log my simulator time only there and not also in the total time column. Then it has the type of time: cross country, solo, PIC, SIC, CFI, etc.

As for student pilot solo time, I logged it in the solo column. For any other student time, I logged it as PIC and dual received. I'm a pilot and I'm flying the plane, so I'm PIC. Some may argue this, but who really cares? It's not solo time. Second in command time is when you are second in command of an aircraft requiring two pilots.

2. What is proceedure for a lost logbook? I have my logbook for the past 7 years, but have moved and have yet to find my previous 2 logbooks since move. I know I'm not the first this has happened to.
If you have your latest logbook with the totals, you should be fine. When you fill out FAA applications for rating you also put your time in them. there is a record. They know, just keep filling out your latest logbook. I don't show anyone my 6 logbooks, just my last one. Of course, no one cares since I have every certificate and rating I need already. If you lost all your logbooks, that would be more difficult.
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