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Originally Posted by schone
Nothing beneath me and am not claiming to be better than anyone else communicating on this forum, just am focused on what i'm looking for. I'm sure everybody's been through a point in life where they've been looking for someone to throw them a bone while having their goals set before them.

KiloAlpha: With obviously too much time in your hands, flying your turboprop, no wonder the posts we're seeing from you are of mockery towards other pilots on various threads. Maybe getting a jet job for myself, will make me a little bit busier than you are so I don't find myself doing the same thing you're doing to people who are marely asking questions.

Calling meaningful, serious replies please.
Please don't take offense when you insult someone elses equipment by being specific about not wanting in it.

I think the problem here is the question you had asked. With your 4 hrs of ME in the last 6 months you should have maybe asked for any job other than flying a 152 for traffic watch that has two engines and burns jet fuel. Obviously there seems to be some shiny jet syndrome here but we all go through it. Then we realize that the turboprop gets you turbine PIC long before the jet will, hence you can move on to a job flying BIGGER shiny jets with BIGGER engines and BIGGER paychecks quicker.

Hope that was meaningful and maybe even helpful.