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Well, here's my two cents. I got my first jet job by handing out resume's to local FBO's that handled alot of locally based jets. I got VERY lucky in that someone was looking for a warm body to fill the right seat. That gig was good for 1.5 yrs until the jet sold. Great job, great jet, low pay, very low pay. But that's what I got because I was way below industry standards on qualifications. Also the owner suffered in lost revenue due to me not meeting ARGUS standards.
STILL GROUNDED is right, eventually you'll have to start somewhere on building that coveted TURBINE PIC. You can try the regionals, because you do meet most of their minimums. However, if you decide that multi-pic and eventually turbine-pic is what you want then try the cargo route. I know the planes aren't pretty with glass cockpits, but it will be the type of flying to help hone your piloting skills.
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