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Originally Posted by schone

I'm a traffic watch pilot, possesing close to a 1000 TT, 175 ME time (unfortunately only about 4ME in the past 6 months , sic time pt. 91)

Was wondering if anyone knows of an outlet looking for first officers on any **JET** (i.e turbofan/turbojet not including t-props) , pay makes no diff as long as it's decent and not slavery (am aware of how much to expect, not looking for anything extravaganzic) and location makes no diff, am single and willing to relocate?

Any help is appreciated!

This is mildly depressing. I'll give you some advice. Take the first job you get offered flying a twin, piston or otherwise. With 4 hrs of recent multi time, you can't afford to be picky. Besides, it is an insult to those of us who actually enjoy flying turboprops when someone with low time refuses to fly them.
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