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Default Satisfying 61.129

I'll try to ask this question clearly the first time I'm a private pilot (ASEL) almost done with the instrument rating, looking a few pages ahead towards the COM certificate. What aeronautical experience gained in the past for my private and insturment ratings can be applied to 61.129a? If any? Specific Example:

61.129(a)2(ii) "50 hours in cross-country flight of which at least 10 hours must be in airplanes."

61.129(a)2 requires 100 PIC. 61.129(a)2(ii) is defining the structure of that 100 PIC specified in 61.129(a)2

so the question I'm asking myself/you guys, is if the 50 x/c PIC I had built for my instrument rating satisfies 61.129(a)2(ii) ? Or, if I need to build an additional 50 x/c PIC.

Thanks for any insight
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