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Default Remedy for becoming burnt out: Change of Scenery?

Hey guys long time reader, finally decided to join to site. Here's my situation I have my comm SEL/MEL and am currently working on my CFI. I've done all my training so far under 141. I'm starting to feel burnt out. I'm feeling really overwhelmed with the pace of training at my school and thinking of giving up on the whole CFI thing and see whats available with just my comm certs. I had a thought of what could cure what ails me. Switching schools. There is another Part 61 school in my area that offers CFI. I was thinking that maybe with Part 61 I can move at the pace that I am comfortable with and will make the rest of my training go more smoothly. I guess I am looking for some input on whether or not you guys think that may help solve my problem or maybe to hear if any of you guys went through a similar situation.
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