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Originally Posted by GreenMtnGirl View Post
Hi there!
I interviewed June 12th and got the bad letter almost 3 months later. I'm reapplying in December... Do you think Netjets will grant me another interview? Thanks in advance if you reply.
What a good attitude you must have for waiting 3 months for a rejection letter and then asking when you can reapply! You should have the job just based on your spirit. Good luck to you.

I applied to NJA last December and interviewed in April. After many months I was told I was hired, then maybe hired, then hired again. As of this date I still have no training date and generally have to take it upon myself every couple months to check in to ensure that their plans are still to hire me. My friends that fly for the company say that even though getting in the door is troublesome, once you're working for them they treat you with the utmost respect and dignity. I am happy to hear that and don't doubt it is the case.

I agree with the person who questioned why a company so bent on and known for outstanding customer service would treat future employees (or applicants) in this way. I'm convinced that it isn't intentional and that it's in large part due to losing Derinda. At the same time, they've had 6 months now to get their act together and they haven't. 3 months for a rejection letter is ridiculous. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people who are forming a first impression right now of their potential employer. How many are going to walk away with a sour opinion of NetJets? Worse for the company, how many are going to come to work for NetJets with a memory of being jerked around and neglected for months? It's not the beginning of a beautiful relationship between labor and management.

I wonder what Mr. Santulli would say if he knew the process that current applicants are going through. I can't imagine he'd be happy with it, and I hope for all involved that NJA gets through this period soon.
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