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Originally Posted by Soulshine View Post
I wonder what Mr. Santulli would say if he knew the process that current applicants are going through. I can't imagine he'd be happy with it, and I hope for all involved that NJA gets through this period soon.
The company president spoke to the recurrent class this morning, and said they're well aware that they've dropped the ball when it comes to applicants and interviewees this year. The hiring department was, to put it quite simply, "overwhelmed" by the flood of applications.

They're working on a true online system that they're hoping to have online by the end of November or beginning of December that will make for a much better flow of information between the company and applicants.

I know the disappointment of waiting months for a rejection letter from a company I really wanted to work for. They're working on it, because they don't want anyone walking away feeling like they weren't treated well, hired or not.

I hope that'll give some insight.
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