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Originally Posted by Alti2d View Post
Open is probably referring to system wide TDY. You go out and fill in where they need you, for as long as they need you. Usually works as a 3 weeks on 1 week off situation, but... subject to change. Time on would typically be M-F, early starts, layover for the day, fly back to base at night. PDX or OAK would be most likely, I agree....

Oh, as for pay, daily per diem (last I know was $35 flat per day) while on TDY, so $35/day for 21 days, paid for M-F and then paid for the week at home with no per diem. That was the typical setup last year for TDYs. Pay was 8 'units' per 12 hours or less of duty time, including flight time. So 40 units per week, as TDY that would include 40 units for the week spent at home too. each aircraft pays units at a different rate, the PA31 was around $11-12, Metros/1900s around $20 ish, that may have changed, I'm not there anymore...

Clear as mud??
That's all I've got... good luck
Makes perfect sense to me. Do they pay for a hotel as well?
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