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Originally Posted by Cass
My last employer was being investigated by the Feds, they grounded every pilot except me because I had been to FSI and taken my checks with the Feds. In april I was up over SOW and began having engine problems,Mea was I think 12 or 14,ooo and there is nothing but rocks. I made it back the 80 miles to Sky Harbor and took the plane to Cutter, who immediately grounded it and said the engine had to come off. Any how, the Feds got involved, could have been that when I was calling for priority handling or maybe Cutter called because the owner was arguing that it was just the prop gauge. I dont know or really care, all I do know is that I get a call from a friend who says that there is a thread at flight info, and some guys were saying that I flew the Van 2000 pounds over gross, and that the Feds were after ME! Then they were saying that " the chick" continued flying another week and had an engine problem, landed and called the Feds, thus ending their operation.
The whole thing is ****, I never flew it over gross, and I never called the Feds,
what would you guys do? Thanks for the advice
Well, I think you have just done what you needed to do, denying it publicly.

I would recommend a good aviation attourney regarding the engine problem issue. Make sure you write down everything you did, as best you can remember, in case there is an investigation and you have to provide details to the FAA.
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